Safety is our #1 priority

Children and window cords don’t mix. They’re naturally curious about their environments and will try to use household items in imitation of grown-ups. When window cords are accessible to small children, these seemingly harmless products may become strangulation hazards. Accessible window cords are a potential hazard and accidental deaths are possible when children use cords or drawstrings for play or to experiment.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission calls corded window coverings one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes. Each year, hundreds of infants and children become accidentally entangled in window blind cords. Put blind cord safety at the top of your child-proofing checklist.

Maxxmar has recognized this risk and developed a range of patented safety products that use cordless wand systems to raise and lower window coverings. Our designs feature the latest innovations in safety, style, and ease-of-use.

Safety tips for blinds and shades

Some older window blinds and shades may have loose cords that do not meet the latest anti-strangulation regulations. If possible, use only cordless systems in homes where infants or young children are present. If you have corded window coverings and cannot replace them with safer products, perhaps use these guidelines to help reduce risk:

  • Never place cribs or furniture near a window. Children can use these as climbing aids and accidentally fall through a window or become entangled in a window cord.
  • Check your current shades and blinds for exposed or dangling cords. Move cords out of reach of children.
  • Permanently anchor continuous-loop window cords to a wall.
  • Replace corded systems with cordless or motorized options as soon as possible.

For more information, visit the Window Coverings Safety Council or, contact us for a free in-home demonstration of the Maxxmar child-safety systems for new and replacement window treatments.

Three solutions to choose from

Maxxmotor one-touch controls

Genius® child safety system

DecoraSafe® anti-strangulation wand