A personal consultation to help you choose quality blinds and shades

Our window-treatment specialists will help you find the perfect blinds and shades to achieve the best possible light in your space. They will consider your home’s unique needs, your decor desires, and then ensure measurement and installation are done to the highest standards.

Book a consultation to receive these benefits:

  • Appointments to suit your schedule—Book an appointment when it’s convenient for you.
  • Private consultation in your home—Online catalogues are fun and inspiring but it’s necessary to see samples and feel the quality to give you a sense of what works with your decor. It’s also a good opportunity to meet your personal design consultant.
  • Expert advice—Your design specialist will listen to your needs, offer educated opinions, and personally guide you through the options available for each style of window treatment. Working alongside a trained designer is a wonderful learning opportunity and a glimpse into the world of window fashions.
  • Professional measuring and installation— Installation is done by a qualified installer so you can be assured of blinds and shades that look their best.

Horizontal window blinds and
budget vinyl vertical blinds

Venetian window blinds are designed to give you control of light and privacy. They are also low-maintenance, requiring only dusting and the occasional cleaning to keep them looking new.

Horizontal blinds come in a variety of materials including real hardwood and moisture-proof faux wood for humid areas or budget solutions.

Vertical blinds in durable vinyl are one of the most inexpensive window coverings available. Ideal for patio doors, they provide the widest possible view when open.

Wood and faux-wood shutters

Considered a permanent window fixture once installed, our high-quality shutters will provide enjoyment, light control, and privacy for many years to come.

Matched to the architural style of a room, shutters can make a powerful statement while evoking feelings of tradition and permanence.

Window shutters are laser-measured for a precise fit and function. Choose from natural materials or painted wood in a wide range of hues to match your room or enhance the light.

Pleated and cellular shades

Cellular shades are designed to create an air space within a honeycomb construction of sealed pleats. When lowered, these hollow cells insulate the room from cold or warm radiation from the window area, resulting in lower energy bills and a more comfortable space.

When raised, the shade becomes compact to enhance the view. Choose to open the shade from the top and/or the bottom for maximum flexibility.

Cellular shades are a handsome addition to any room and provide a sense of texture to the window design.

Roller shades

Low profile, versatile, inexpensive, and easy to maintain are characteristics that attract homeowners to roller shades. Precision measurements and professional installation ensure that our roller shades will fit perfectly.

Roman Blinds

Stacked neatly when raised and perfectly smooth when lowered, Roman blinds are available in materials to suit your decor.

Sheers and shadings

Sheer window coverings are particularly suited to rooms with night views and lightscapes. Enjoy a connectedness with nature and the skyline with semi-transparent shadings.

Light, bright, and semi-transparent are a few ways to describe the elegance of sheer window coverings and shades. Benefits include superior light diffusion during the day and privacy at night.


Perfect for hard to reach windows and sky lights, motorized blinds can be positioned by using a smart phone or remote controller. Motorization is also child-friendly: no cords or other entangling devices mean children and pets are safer.

Luxury and practicality in one package is the theme of motorization. Select the settings that are right for your space, at any time of the day, with the touch of a button.

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